Confidential data access. Any app. Any data. Anywhere.

Reduce sensitive data exposure and manage exfiltration by isolating AI/ML access boundary. Secure your sensitive data throughout its lifecycle with airtight and immutable application access.

Put Zero Trust Architecture in Realization by Dr. Chase Cunningham

Isolate. Secure. Share. SafeLiShare.

Turn Public Cloud Dataflows into Private Dataflows.

Use confidential computing to optimize your cloud infrastructure with data privacy from inside out. Discover our solution. Based on secure enclaves, it can turn your public cloud workflows into a secure and private environment.

Trusted Environments

Process your data and run your applications in encrypted compute environments that do not require mutual trust


Generate cryptographically linked verifiable tamper proof logs


All events, actions and accesses by applications are logged


Define policies around access, usage, and distribution of your applications and data


Share data and code assets across business functions without losing policy control


Reduce the pain point of IT operating costs. Process data in secure enclaves without de-identifying it.

Policy-Enforced, Encrypted, Secure Data Platform

Ensure that your data and application workloads are processed with complete privacy, residency, sovereignty, and compliance control, while maintaining transparency. All customer data will be encrypted during use, transit, and storage.

Our start-to-finish encrypted data platform transforms your hybrid cloud workloads into a high confidence environment where highly regulated data is always encrypted and code is verified for authenticity with dynamic policies.

Your workloads stay compliant, encrypted and trusted at all times during execution, so that you can embrace the cloud and innovate faster without the threat of code and data exposure.

Introducing SafeLiShare Confidential Computing

Application and Data assets come together from different domains to meet inside confidential computing environment where the CSP or the SaaS provider does not have access to unencrypted assets at any time.

Migrate to the Cloud with Verifiable Privacy Control

Not all data are created equal. Control and monetize application and data assets with confidence using hardware-enforced policy authorization and authentication.

Collaborate with New Insight and Monetization

Multiple parties can combine more robust data and analytics to solve common problems while ensuring the privacy of each other’s data.

Eliminate Data Exposure Risk

Data privacy categorization and access enforcement is identified and created in lockstep after ETL process. SafeLiShare creates a binding of the application asset and the data asset on who, when and what can process the data without exception.

Foster Data Sharing without Losing Ownership

Retain full data custodianship and access control from on premises, cloud edge, to IaaS services.

Who Does SafeLiShare Benefit?

We unlock highly relevant & sensitive data collaboration for any enterprise to establish new revenue streams and new insights.


  • Drug Discovery
  • Real World Evidence
  • Predictive Analytics of Chronic Diseases
  • Total Data Ownership


  • Supply Chain Logistics
  • Contract Manufacturing IP Protection
  • Asset Tracking


  • Customer Insights
  • Displace PII De-Identification
  • GDPR Compliance
  • OPEX reduction


  • Sharing Proprietary Quant Algorithms
  • Cross Institution Transactions
  • OWASP TOP 10 API Protection


  • Supply Chain/Inventory
  • Security of Customer Transactional Data
  • Omnichannel/Customer 360 View


  • Cyber Crime Prevention
  • Secure Sharing between Govt. Branches
  • Supply Chain Attack Surface Elimination


Myriad obstacles in accessing data

Secure dynamic assets - applications, code and data - on demand for on-premises or in multicloud environment.

Allow multiple sources to analyze and upload data to shared environments without data leakage or theft.

Re-identification risk tradeoffs between competing policies

Store secrets in privacy-enhanced Policy Manager

Integrate with 3rd party KMS

Securely distribute secrets to trusted applications with verified fingerprints

Lengthy delays caused by lack of data visibility and transparency

Share code and data assets across all business functions

Agentless SafeLiShare policy server inside secure enclaves

Sidecar for network monitoring and streamlined support for big data



Drop in infrastructure service into hardened enclave-ready containers with zero code changes

Born in the cloud. Support CI/CD automation and encryption in use

Compatible with leading public clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP & IBM)

Privacy-Preserving Policy Access Controls

Run workloads with on demand end-to-end runtime encryption

Component level policy-controlled protection of assets turns public clouds into private clouds. 

Fully immutable policy control from input to output throughout data ontology.

Reduce Time to Deployment & Insight

Turn your workflows into secure federated inter and intra-enterprise wide workflows.

Full audit trails for data workloads regardless of “bring compute to data” or “bring data to compute”.

Complete observability in all asset levels to meet ever stringent modern GRC audits.

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Experience secure collaborative data sharing today.

Maximize accessibility and monetization of sensitive, regulated, or confidential data without compromise.