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Healthcare Data Security & Privacy, Protected on Cloud

May 11, 2023

Multi-cloud and hybrid environments are commonly used for business agility worldwide, including healthcare, banking, financial and government sectors. However, the area of data security is still developing with constantly changing privacy governance standards and impacted by new attack patterns.

The current perimeter-based security is not sufficient in the current cloud-based environment where data custodianship and usage are lost.

It’s time to secure the data assets from the core. Ensuring global and regional compliance while processing and protecting sensitive data assets can be a complex task, which may lead to potential data breaches. it is crucial to prioritize data assets as the primary focus of security initiatives.

Attend this webinar on May 11, 2023 at 9 AM ET featuring Marene Allison, Retired CISO of Johnson and Johnson and Dr. Shamim Naqvi, SafeLiShare CEO and Co-founder, as they discuss implementing comprehensive cloud data security and privacy-enhancing technologies that modern CDOs and CISOs can find beneficial. We will discuss:

  • The use cases of cloud migration on data security and compliance in the healthcare industry
  • Data access control and privacy preservation from distributed data pipeline into public cloud and SaaS platform
  • Discuss the security challenges in runtime and in-memory attacks and why the traditional data security framework may not be sufficient

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