SafeLiShare Introduces ConfidentialRAG Private Beta at RSA Conference 2024

AI + Data Governance

Automating security for AI model training, delivering, and retraining with confidence.

Operationalize AI and data access with security from the ground up

Trace machine-generated logs on the origin and destination of data assets, models, associated metadata and pipelines at scale.

Risk Management over AI Modeling Lifecycle

Protect the data privacy of multi-party collaborative computing with advanced encryption technology. Govern AI models from anywhere across the lifecycle and ensure that real time data can be used but not seen.

Cloud Shipping
Opening Banking
Confidential Computing

Data Timeliness Without Privacy Compromise

High performance cloud caching and shipping solution based on TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) without tokenization and other data masking latency approach.

Intel SGX
AWS Nitro

Federated Learning and Quantitative Engineering

Predicting future with your single source of truth for all PII, GDPR or sensitive data when bringing compute to data for AI/ML modeling or deep learning algorithm training.

Application Identity Management
In-memory airgapping federated learning
Secure data sharing

Encrypted Database Import and Export

Supports encrypted data retrieval as well as queries or common database functions. Provides high-performance, turn-key, and secure data asset access and database services without de-identification.

SQL compilation and generation
De-centralized authorization
Key management and entitlement

Driving Responsible and Auditable AI with better Enterprise Insights.

AI data governance with privacy enforcement in the Cloud

Driving auditable AI for enterprise data circulation


Secure model building and banking integration with full security and visibility into data custodianship, cross-border payment compliance and control other fintech service use cases over app identity and data access.

Data Monetization
Cloud Risk Control
Regulatory Compliance
Fintech Enablment

Securing Every Data with Zero Trust

Safeguard your data from the inside out with automation and cloud hardware enforced audits

Standards and certifications

Participated in the creating the privacy-preserving computing industry standards, and obtained certifications from HIPAA, GDPR, CPPA, ISO compliance

High level of automation

One-stop multi-component platform, cross-platform compatibility, compatible with mainstream industry engines

Fast provisioning at cloud scale

The Cloud Privacy Vault supports easy cloud provisioning from your own cloud account with full access integrated and tamper proof audit

Strong technology base

A single management console forms the basis for a broad data risk assessment and access control across cloud repositories to pursue cloud data and analytics migration initiatives

The industry's first AI data governance with end to end privacy computing

Secure, track and identify data as it moves through multiple stages of AI modeling and data pipeline processing across structured, semistructured and unstructured formats in the cloud.


types of International business data


types of personal data


types of enterprise data


types of financial data

Experience secure collaborative data sharing today.

Maximize accessibility and monetization of sensitive, regulated, or confidential data without compromise.