Securing HIE Analytics in the Cloud: From Normalization to Secure Sharing

Operating Cost Savings on Data Masking and De-Identification

The prevalent practice in handling PII data is to de-identify the data before processing. This depreciates the quality of derived insights. By processing the data (using secure enclaves) and de-identifying the result reduces the cost of de-identification and improves the quality of insights, all the while remaining HIPAA compliant.

Highly Confidential Exchange Among Agencies and Subcontractors

Privacy and Compliance by Design

Allow only authorized & curated code assets to be brought to your data where they execute on the whole dataset, deriving all the available insights. Cryptography based authorization technology implemented in secure enclaves to achieve trusted enforcements.

New Innovations Bring New Possibilities

Move code assets--while keeping data stationary--across cloud platforms with access being controlled by distributed authorization technology.

Audit and Prove Compliance

Prove compliance with laws and regulations including HIPAA, CCPA, PCI etc. Share advanced auditing tools and reports with regulators to achieve verifiable compliance.

Federated Workflows and HIPAA Compliance

Use SafeLiShare's Federated Workflows to move or receive encrypted data to/from partner organizations without violating HIPAA compliance regulations. Data always remains encrypted until its execution in a secure enclave.

CISO’s Guide: Confidential Computing

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CISO’s Guide: Confidential Computing

Confidential Computing is a new-age technology that protects data and computations in use, instead of just protecting data at-rest and in-transit. CISO's guide on Confidential Computing explains how it works through the use of encryption, secure enclaves, data breach life cycle and remediations so organizations can safely protect sensitive user data when stored or processed in the cloud.

Audit-Ready Compliance

  • HIPAA/HITECH Compliance
  • HITRUST CSF Certification
  • SOC 2 Attestation
  • FDA GxP Compliance

Expedited Innovations in Treatment and Care

  • Data de-identification for accelerated and compliant data access
  • Scalable data access for data science and advanced analytics
  • Purpose-based restrictions for compliant collaboration

Secure Sensitive Data Sharing with Third Parties

  • Share data with contractors, partners, auditors, and other third parties
  • Enhance the patient experience
  • Improve public health initiatives and trusted outcomes

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