SafeLiShare Introduces ConfidentialRAG Private Beta at RSA Conference 2024

Powerful Data-Sharing and Privacy-Preservation in Healthcare

SafeLiShare enables secure, authorized transmission and collaboration on protected health information (PHI) between healthcare providers, medical researchers and other authorized parties with compliance ready audit logs.

  • Understand the value and benefits of using shared data;
  • Achieve HIPAA compliance with end-to-end encryption;
  • Get better quality insights from shared data and remain HIPAA compliant;
  • Privacy by design with PHI hardened isolated environments.

Monetize data value, drive efficiency, and reduce risk across your B2B network

Multi-Party Healthcare Data Sharing

SafeLiShare Confidential Computing allows healthcare stakeholders to securely access, store, and share patient data. This helps improve the speed of the clinical trial process; help healthcare organizations make better decisions through enhanced analytics and research.

Run Applications and Data within Secure Enclaves

SafeLiShare uses cloud vault storage to store the client keys. During the sharing phase, the keys are protected using keys protected by secure enclaves. Data and application are both encrypted with programmable key management.

Policy Enforcement & Auditing Beyond VDI farm

SafeLiShare policy enforcement and access logger extend compliance controls with privacy rules like GDPR and HIPAA.

Always-on Protection on Applications and Data

With SafeLiShare you have full visibility and control on users. Using cryptographic keys, designate programs accessing certain sets of data without exception.

What Our Customers Say

Our customer-first approach is at the heart of everything we do.

Vasanth Thangaraju

“SafeLiShare is a technical implementation toward compliance. The realization of value was almost immediate - encryption from start to finish without de-identification going on in the secure enclave that saves the lengthy and labor intensive data prepping and masking prior to sharing.”

Vasanth Thangaraju, Vice President, Product & Technology


Displace Costly Workflow with De-Identification

  • Legacy safe harbor data mapping and randomization of PII is inefficient
  • 10-15% of IT budget spending on de-ID
  • Compliance mandate built-in privacy, governance, and access control for covered entities and data relay agencies

Expedited Partner Ecosystems of Care

  • Data management becomes an even bigger asset
  • Variability, accuracy, and control across the entire partner ecosystems
  • Real time data access for data science and advanced analytics at cloud scale
  • Evidence-based restrictions for compliant collaboration

Remote attestation of data accuracy, lineage and compliance

  • Tamper-proof data access audit on share data and apps with all parties
  • HIPAA, PHI and PII access compliance
  • Improve healthcare outcome and the patient experience

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Experience secure collaborative data sharing today.

Maximize accessibility and monetization of sensitive, regulated, or confidential data without compromise.