Securing HIE Analytics in the Cloud: From Normalization to Secure Sharing

Secure Data Movement

SafeLiShare’s data security platform unifies encryption strategies for organizations with hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures, ensuring data is secure regardless of its location - in use, in motion, or at rest.

  • Have concerns about continuous compliance when sharing data with AI / ML programs or cloud services?
  • Are you sharing data with other departments across country borders without violating data residency requirements?
  • Have concerns sharing user private data with partners for selective use?

By 2025, 60% of large organizations will use one or more privacy-enhancing computation techniques in analytics, business intelligence or cloud computing - Gartner

Overcome Data Sharing Barriers with Hardened Secure Enclaves

Defend Your Business Against the Growing Risk of Insider Attack and Data Theft

Cloud adoption for highly-regulated businesses

Demand isolation and privacy guarantees with hardware-based cryptographic technologies

Multi-party data confidentiality and privacy controls

Results of the processing must be verifiable so that they can be trusted and only provided to authorized parties

Global data residency restrictions and 3rd party access

Verifiable audit logs and PII compliance report on sharing data with 3rd party outside of their borders

Plug-and-Play Runtime Confidential Computing

Provides complete protection for all your data and app assets without infrastructure forklift.

Runtime Confidential Computing

Encryption is a powerful tool for protecting the confidentiality and secrecy of data that falls outside your control.

SafeLiShare’s Confidential Computing solution protects applications and data by encapsulating them in secure enclaves that isolate the datasets to prevent unauthorized access.

Strengthen MultiCloud Data Security

Data rapidly proliferates across multicloud and hybrid IT architectures. SafeLiShare delivers powerful security measures across multiple cloud environments with secure enclave technology to provide an added layer of defense - encryption-in-use, access control, data loss prevention and compliance management.

Deploy in Minutes at Scale with Your Cloud Workloads

Provides hardened vault protection for your data and code with minimal impact.

Natively Integrates with CI/CD Workflow

Natively Integrates with CI/CD Workflow

Integrate within a minute via APIs or initiate secure enclave service in one command line, without any disruption to your infrastructure flow.

Plus, enjoy the centralized access control or set custom policies per organization compliance mandate.

Integrated Visibility and Control

Integrated Visibility and Control

With a single pane of glass, data security, auditors and analysts no longer need to toggle various dashboards.

With deep integration, you get unified visibility and control across clouds and SafeLiShare, greatly simplifying federated workflow, audit reporting, secure enclave provisioning and privilege designation etc.

Bring Compute to Data

Using Policy Driven data flows on public clouds to transfer cumulative results enables the ability to run modern applications on third-party infrastructure in a scalable way while protecting intellectual property and privacy.

Privacy, performance, and protection are never compromised as computation scales up or down.

Integrated Data Security Platform

Integrate within minutes, receive GDPR compliant audits and rich insights, and set fine-grained access controls to protect data privacy with encryption in use.

Multi-Party Data Sharing and Security

Precise encryption and key management within secure enclave to ensure asset-based data privacy and prevent unwanted supply chain compromise.

SaaS Data Security

Validation of secure configuration and interconnection of SaaS platforms is essential when allowing access to running software in public clouds.

SOC and Compliance Automation

Proven to automate and supercharge your data security posture management and deliver trust-worthy result for compliance reporting.

Stop Supply Chain Attacks and Insider Theft Today

Protect your organization from the full spectrum of data security and stop unauthorized third-party access to data in use in the public cloud.

Stop Supply Chain Attacks and Insider Theft Today

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