Secure SaaS data with simple API calls

Secure enclave protects the confidentiality and secrecy of your data when they are not under your control. SafeLiShare wraps SaaS apps using easy APIs and runs them in secure enclaves to alleviate the concern of SaaS data leakage.

  • Have concerns about sharing data with cloud services to prevent data leakage
  • Process data on behalf of other administrative domains
  • Have concerns sharing user private data to partners for selective use
  • Need immutable and trusted logs for GDPR and HIPAA compliance etc

Get all traceability and risk control you need on your data in SaaS Mesh

Eliminate Compromise and Data Loss

SafeLiShare can prevent SaaS data access from unauthorized parties and stop growing common attack vector due to the lack of SaaS security measures, such as encryption and policy-driven access controls.

Secure Data Access from Federated Secure Enclaves

Data federation allows data from different departments and organizations to be aggregated a mesh of secure containers. Each contributor retains control of their data, ensuring continued privacy controls without compromise.

Enable Encryption in Use Instantly

With SafeLiShare’s no-code APIs and CLI toolkit, SaaS providers can assure peace of mind for their customers on highly regulated data exposure by encrypting data and application code at all times.

GDPR and HIPAA Compliance Ready Access Logs

Logs generated in a tamper-proof way that can be efficiently verified and flowed into SaaS provider’s management portal in real time and help monitor usage forensic evidence required by regulatory compliance.

What Our Customers Say

Our customer-first approach is at the heart of everything we do.

Jung-Chen (JC) Lee

“The only secure way to run SaaS applications is to encrypt all of the data on the client side and only send encrypted data to the SaaS app. SafeLiShare provides the fastest integration to enable confidential computing on our SaaS platform.”

Jung-Chen (JC) Lee, Product Manager

Kdan Mobile

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Experience secure collaborative data sharing today.

Maximize accessibility and monetization of sensitive, regulated, or confidential data without compromise.