Whitepaper: Confidential Computing for AI, MLOps and LLMOps

Deliver Clinical Trial Transparency and Auditability

Pharmaceutical data and application workloads need higher levels of federated data protection and application access control. SafeLiShare helps govern app access and data protection in fully encrypted execution environments.

Automated Data Sharing Policy Compliance

Complete Privacy Audit of Data Availability

Run your data and application workloads with complete privacy, residency, sovereignty and transparent compliance. Encrypt all data in use, transit and at rest.

Balancing the Ease of Access to Shared Data Securely

A compliant trusted execution environment or TEE is is considered FIPS 140-2 level 3 compliant. It’s ideal for uni-party and multi-party confidential data access.

Safeguard Participant Anonymity

SafeLiShare extends PKI to prevent algorithmic attacks and unauthorized access without any proprietary PKI extensions.

Facilitate Immutable and Valid Research Output

Auditability and access control including automatic privacy compliance of data assets can be greatly simplified and automated.

Tamper-Proof Pharmaceutical Data Sharing

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Tamper-Proof Pharmaceutical Data Sharing

What Our Customers Say

Our customer-first approach is at the heart of everything we do.

Vasanth Thangaraju

“SafeLiShare is a technical implementation toward compliance. The realization of value was almost immediate - encryption from start to finish without de-identification going on in the secure enclave that saves the lengthy and labor intensive data prepping and masking prior to sharing.”

Vasanth Thangaraju, Vice President, Product & Technology


Eliminate Algorithmic Attacks

By preventing algorithmic attacks and providing identity management to algorithm objects (apps), SafeLiShare enables large scale uni-party or multi-party data sharing with confidential data lifecycle enforcement.

Cloud Native Technology Infrastructure

Data deidentification and the potential for unauthorized reidentification have prevented some from considering sharing and even collaborating. SafeLiShare provides cloud-native agility and state of art encryption and policy enforcement technology to help alleviate the concerns.

Remote Attestation of Data Accuracy, Lineage and Visibility

  • Tamper-proof data access audit on share data and apps with all parties access compliance
  • Improve clinical trail data sharing and output access

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