Securing HIE Analytics in the Cloud: From Normalization to Secure Sharing

Access Controls for Dynamic Applications over Distributed Data

Data sharing is the way to optimize higher-relevant data, generating more robust data and analytics to solve business challenges and meet enterprise goals. Retain controls on who has access to your systems and data as well as what they are able to do with it.

Centralized Multi-Party Distributed Data Access

Centralized Data Access Control

SafeLiShare protects users’ sensitive information by utilizing an isolated and protected Trusted Execution Environment to perform encryption, decryption, authentication, data integrity checks, and other operations to prevent unauthorized access or modification.

Consistent Data Privacy Controls

SafeLiShare uses cryptography to protect user privacy by safeguarding access privilege and control for both applications and users.

Remote Attestation per Data Ownership

SafeLiShare protects against unauthorized modifications and external threats with remote attestation to verify integrity of components.

Ensure Business Continuity with TEE Logging Infrastructure

SafeLiShare’s platform is capable of detecting the tampering of logs both by internal and external adversaries. Internal adversaries are those that may get access to log records when or where they are generated. External adversaries are entities that may get access to records that are persistently stored.

CISO’s Guide: Confidential Computing

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CISO’s Guide: Confidential Computing

Confidential Computing is a new-age technology that protects data and computations in use, instead of just protecting data at-rest and in-transit. CISO's guide on Confidential Computing explains how it works through the use of encryption, secure enclaves, data breach life cycle and remediations so organizations can safely protect sensitive user data when stored or processed in the cloud.

What Our Advisors Say

Our data-first approach is at the heart of everything we do.

Mitch Parker

“SafeLiShare is the manifestation of what people are talking about Confidential Computing. There's a gap between when someone you give access to the environment and how you can enforce what they have access to. So, we can make sure that when someone accesses data, they do so using only programs that we say they can access the data with - the GDPR way.”

Mitch Parker, CISO

Indiana University Health

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