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SafeLiShare Expands Patents Portfolio in Confidential Computing

March 17, 2023SafeLiShare

Morristown, New Jersey – SafeLiShare, Inc. a pioneer and technology leader in confidential computing, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued three new patents No. 11,409,846, No. 10,860,735 and No. 11,522,705 further strengthening the Company’s intellectual property position in Confidential Computing and coverage for the Company’s Dynamic Secure Data platform. SafeLiShare, co-founded and led by Shamim Naqvi (CEO), Pramod Koppol and Goutham Pupplal, has employed Confidential Computing technology to offer their customers the highest level of data security from inside out with encryption in use with hardware-enforced trusted execution (TEE) environments on the market.

SafeLiShare extends PKI to prevent algorithmic complexity attacks, supply chain compromises and unauthorized access without any proprietary PKI extensions. By preventing Layer 7 application attacks and providing decentralized identity management to code assets, SafeLiShare enables large scale uni-party federated learning or multi-party data sharing with confidential data lifecycle enforcement. The newly granted patents highlight the techniques to prevent illegal use or unauthorized application access and deliver hardware-enforced ubiquitous security with Zero Trust principles in TEE.

“SafeLiShare combines cloud infrastructure with hardware-enforced encryption technology, ensuring that the data remains secure and tamper-proof even in a collaborative environment” said Dr. Chase Cunningham. “The solution validates Zero Trust with privacy by design and provides hardware root of trust, allowing organizations to verify that their data is being securely processed.”

With the addition of three new patents No. 11,409,846: User controlled trusted and isolated computing environments, No. 10,686,601: Consistency and consensus management in decentralized and distributed systems, and No. 10,860,735: Database system for protecting and securing stored data using a privacy switch, SafeLiShare now holds over 20 patents, with another 7 patent applications pending regarding technologies such as tamper-proof auditing, tracing and remote attestation variability, workload isolation, and data security governance for public cloud, SaaS and on-premises deployment.

SafeLiShare Co-Founder and CEO, Shamim Naqvi, declared that at SafeLiShare, innovation is highly valued as part of their culture. The company seeks to give control of data back to the owners through the use of advanced security technologies. According to Naqvi, being awarded patents by the United States is a recognition of SafeLiShare’s products and approach.

Patent Summary

User controlled trusted and isolated computing environments.


Systems and techniques described herein are concerned with providing supervisory control of computer programs. A method for executing application code defining a computer program includes providing a “kill switch” to the operator, which allows the operator to disable the computer program without becoming aware of the state and data of the computer program.

Consistency and consensus management in decentralized and distributed systems.


A method for achieving consensus amongst a distributed and decentralized set of computers, devices or components in a network interacting via messaging is presented. The method does not rely on the availability of an overall ledger that is consulted for every interaction. Rather, the interacting components communicate directly with each other via messages that contain proofs of consistency that may be used to achieve local consistency amongst the interacting components. Local consistency guarantees global consistency. For regulatory and record keeping purposes, use of an overall ledger may be contemplated for regulatory and record keeping purposes. The latter may be updated by the interacting devices via an asynchronous updating mechanism.

Database system for protecting and securing stored data using a privacy switch.


A system and method is provided for storing user data records in a database to protect stored data from data breaches, where each of the user data records including a plurality of user attributes. One or more user attributes in each of the user data records is designated as a private attribute and is obfuscated and replaced by credentials that can be verified by a verifying entity without disclosing the private attributes. Applications of the privacy switch technology are shown for handling data breaches in database systems, thereby providing fundamental improvements to the security and utility of database technology.

Press Contact

Cynthia Hsieh media@safelishare.com

About SafeLiShare

SafeLiShare secures multiparty data sharing across clouds no matter where your data is. With our confidential trusted execution environments, encrypted application security, computing and policy driven Secure Enclave, we transform public cloud workloads into private policy-enforced workloads. SafeLiShare’s data-first approach helps businesses of all sizes to modernize and monetize their data across clouds. Enterprises worldwide, especially in privacy-sensitive industries like healthcare, fintech, financial services, government, and manufacturing, trust SafeLiShare for data security, privacy and compliance.

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