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SafeLiShare Empowers Model and Data Marketplaces with Confidential Clean Rooms

October 19, 2023SafeLiShare
Revolutionary Clean Rooms Technology Ensures Unprecedented Privacy and Security in Monetizing High-Risk Data Assets and Multiparty Computation (MPC)

Morristown, New Jersey, October 18, 2023 - SafeLiShare, a pioneer in secure data sharing and monetization solutions, is proud to announce a significant leap forward in data protection with the integration of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) measures using state-of-the-art encryption in use and cloud native secure enclave technology. This development sets the stage for leveling the playing fields in Model and Data Marketplaces and Multiparty Computation Exchanges and addressing the growing demand for secure data transactions in the era of digital transformation.

Current data and analytics governance practices are insensitive to confidentiality and privacy contexts, making organizational responses to opportunities inadequate. To modernize existing governance practices and materialize return on investment, SafeLiShare delivers a unified data and analytics governance platform that enables connected governance and effectively manages complex cross-organizational challenges with confidential multiparty compute and secure asset sharing.

“As analytics, BI, data science and ML continue to collide, SafeLiShare provides a unified and composable platform featuring autonomous analytics, metadata, governance and data quality” said Shamim Naqvi, CEO and Co-Founder of SafeLiShare. “Our catalogs of data products extend analytics tools to provide end-to-end encryption and data lineage without compromising the intellectual property and data confidentiality of shared assets.”

Today, organizations adopt a digital transformation model predicated on public clouds as the fundamental underlying platform. This inevitably expands the enterprise attack surface and drives more outsourcing of enterprise trust. SafeLiShare’s asset marketplace powered by cloud-native confidential computing generates enterprise-grade distributed ledger with advanced privacy controls so only specified assets get shared among the authorized participants of SafeLiShare Clean Rooms on AWS and other leading cloud providers.

“SafeLiShare simplifies the multi-party confidential computing technology that empowers Platypus to deliver equitable AI that improves health outcomes for diverse populations. This focus on agility and privacy is imperative to fuel our modern collaboration platform,” said Leigh McCormack, CEO of Platypus Health.

SafeLiShare has pioneered patent-pending (US 63/241,239) data filtration technology that can be deployed along with models in confidential computing instances, granting control over both input and output through filters. Within the cloud native trusted execution environments, encrypted queries are decrypted and filtered before being processed by the model. The resulting outputs undergo additional filtration, incorporating, for example, privacy-preserving techniques like Differential Privacy or De-identification Algorithms to eliminate personally identifiable or protected health information. The final step involves encrypting the outputs and delivering them securely to the user as responses.

This comprehensive approach extends to scenarios where filters verify that outputs exclude customer-specified data elements, facilitating data loss prevention. This tailored filter strategy effectively safeguards the model against attacks such as Model Inference, Inversion, Data Loss, and Extraction, and blends harmoniously with public cloud data usage policy framework and annotations. Additionally, the utilization of encryption for both input and output ensure the preservation of data confidentiality.

Key Highlights:

Data Monetization on the Rise: The demand for third-party data to support data-enabled business outcomes continues to escalate, with an increasing number of platform providers in the data and analytics market.

Comprehensive Privacy-Preserving Marketplace Capabilities: SafeLiShare extends its reach across various marketplace/exchange participants with granular access grants and sharing controls including sellers/providers and buyers/consumers. This Zero Trust transformation with end-to-end encryption spans traditional digital commerce platforms, data management software, analytic platforms, and consulting/services offerings.

Innovative Clean Rooms Technology: Leveraging blockchain/distributed ledger and secure multiparty sharing, SafeLiShare Clean Rooms technology establishes a robust foundation for secure transactions within analytics models and data marketplaces.

In-depth Confidential Computing Cloud Partnership: With a strong service abstraction and orchestration in leading Confidential Computing instances, SafeLiShare brings together participants for the monetization or exchange of high-risk and compliance-sensitive assets or data products in on-demand trusted execution environments (TEEs).

Turnkey Platform as a Service: SafeLiShare Clean Rooms, offered as a Platform as a Service (PaaS), goes beyond the build-only path, providing turnkey asset repository, data products catalog, tamper proof audit and cloud consumptions with a single view into the chain of custody of seamless data monetization and exchange.

Cross-Organizational Collaboration: In the era of cloud and digital transformation, SafeLiShare facilitates organizational data sharing across municipalities, even in the public sector, fostering collaboration and innovation.

End-to-End Security Governance: SafeLiShare’s innovative encryption in use technology, combined with cloud encryption at rest and in transit, ensures end-to-end security governance and compliance with leading privacy standards such as HIPAA and PHI.

Monetization Opportunities: SafeLiShare Clean Rooms empowers enterprises to quickly monetize assets through internally developed data products, using both first-party analytics, organic assets, and third-party derivative assets. These assets include APIs, data (structured, semi structured, and unstructured), files, algorithms, and models.

SafeLiShare continues to lead the way in secure data transactions, providing a trusted environment for enterprises to navigate the evolving landscape of data monetization and exchange. The addition of DLP measures using encryption reinforces SafeLiShare’s commitment to privacy, confidentiality, and the secure handling of high-risk data assets. The solution is generally available in Intel® SGX based confidential computing VMs.  

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About SafeLiShare:

SafeLiShare is a leading provider of secure data sharing and monetization solutions, empowering enterprises to navigate the complexities of data transactions with confidence. With a focus on privacy, security, and innovation, SafeLiShare delivers cutting-edge privacy preserving and edge-to-edge encryption technologies to support the evolving needs of Model and Data Marketplaces and Multiparty Computation Exchanges. For more information, contact info@safelishare.com or visit https://safelishare.com.

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