Securing data sharing in Semiconductor value chain & Ecosystem

As the sensitivity of materials is getting greater and greater, the ecosystem across the supply chain is stepping up to help facilitate more sharing of data. SafeLiShare helps govern app access and data sharing with fully encrypted confidential computing.

Policy-Enforced, Encrypted, Secure Data Platform

Run you data and application workloads with complete data privacy, residency, sovereignty and compliance control transparently. Encrypt all customer’s data in use, in transit and at rest.

Enable efficient communication and collaboration between different stakeholders in the semiconductor industry, such as manufacturers, suppliers, researchers, and customers. Ensure consistency and accuracy in the representation of semiconductor data across different platforms or applications when collaborating in secure enclave federated workflows.

Safelishare use cases are divided into uni-party and multi-party confidential data access. When applicable, instead of moving data, we move models to the data, train models safely at secure enclaves, then aggregate the models with policy-enforced output access. The solution maximizes privacy and security without data transfer latency and compute costs.

High-volume, high-velocity data from multiple sources need a evolutional security approach

TEE IaC ready Between the Cloud and the Edge

APIs and CLI toolkits are available to common DevOps, as are pre-built automation templates. Ready to deploy solutions for data scientists to create and deploy hardened infrastructure as code easily between the edge and the cloud.

Move Compute to Data

SafeLiShare minimizes data transfer and compute costs, privacy risks, latency issues, and cloud service dependency all with policy enforced access control through the data pipeline.

Empower Federated Learning

SafeLiShare is cloud agnostic and portable. Federated learning capabilities allow multiple parties to contribute their data while maintaining privacy and security.

Fine-Grained Auditing & Reporting

SafeLiShare traces all data and algorithmic models in TEEs with the immutable, tamper-protected, and append-only logs without exception.

What Our Customers Say

Our customer-first approach is at the heart of everything we do.

John Kindervag

“Confidential computing put zero trust in practice. It helps seal the attack surface as dynamic applications and distributed data are exposed in system memory at runtime.”

John Kindervag, Creator

Zero Trust

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Experience secure collaborative data sharing today.

Maximize accessibility and monetization of sensitive, regulated, or confidential data without compromise.