SafeLiShare Introduces ConfidentialRAG Private Beta at RSA Conference 2024

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Zero Trust LLM and AI Risk Mitigation

February 14, 2024

With a focus on zero trust principles, this cutting-edge approach addresses the unique challenges presented by scenarios requiring secure collaboration among untrusted parties, particularly in the realm of generative AI applications. Paramount to success is the assurance of data rights management, privacy, and control, effectively mitigating risks such as model poisoning, data leakage, and theft.

Join us in this webinar as we delve into the critical importance of safeguarding in-use code and data within the context of emerging AI LLMs. Through insightful attack demonstrations and real-world use cases spanning financial services and healthcare, we showcase how a Confidential Computing-based zero-trust architecture empowers organizations to embrace AI technologies with confidence, even amidst escalating demand. Throughout this webinar, you will gain invaluable insights into how:

  • Confidential Computing fortifies application and data security against insider threats.
  • This transformative technology effectively addresses enterprise challenges surrounding secure collaboration.
  • The application of Confidential Computing significantly reduces risks associated with cloud-hosted AI technologies, particularly LLMs.