SafeLiShare Introduces ConfidentialRAG Private Beta at RSA Conference 2024

Unlocking Secure

AI Operations:

A Whitepaper on Confidential Computing for AI, LLM, and MLOps

In today's data-driven landscape, the convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Large Language Models (LLMs), and Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) presents unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Addressing the critical need for security and privacy in AI operations, this whitepaper explores the transformative potential of Confidential Computing.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Top Risks and Challenges in MLOps Enhanced by Emerging Models:
  • Delve into the evolving risks and challenges faced by organizations in the realm of MLOps, exacerbated by the advent of emerging AI and LLM models. Learn strategies to mitigate these challenges and foster secure, resilient AI operations.
  • Confidential Computing and OWASP LLM Top10 Vulnerabilities:
  • Explore the intersection of Confidential Computing and the OWASP LLM Top10 vulnerabilities. Understand how Confidential Computing can mitigate threats posed by vulnerabilities such as data leaks, injection attacks, and model poisoning, ensuring robust security in AI deployments.
  • Rethinking Confidential Computing for Cloud Security:
  • Gain insights into Confidential Computing and its role in bolstering cloud security for AI workloads. Discover the principles and mechanisms behind Confidential Computing, and learn how it enables secure data processing and computation in cloud environments.
  • Delivering Responsible AI at Work with SafeLiShare ConfidentialAI™:
  • Explore SafeLiShare ConfidentialAI™, a cutting-edge solution designed to deliver responsible AI at scale. Learn how SafeLiShare ConfidentialAI™ leverages Confidential Computing to safeguard sensitive data, uphold privacy principles, and facilitate PrivateAI practices in enterprise settings.

As organizations harness the power of AI, LLM, and MLOps to drive innovation and decision-making, ensuring security and privacy is paramount. Through the adoption of Confidential Computing, organizations can fortify their AI operations, mitigate risks, and uphold ethical standards, paving the way for responsible AI deployment in the digital age.

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